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The OK Magazine - Special Art - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

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The OK Magazine -Special Art - When we all fall asleep, where do we go? Designed and edited by Guilherme Lombardi's creative director, it has over 80 pages organized around a four-section manifesto on the future of creativity. Each section frames a series of experiments, art, and photography commissioned by Guilherme.

We started talking about this issue over two years ago, in late 2017. One specific challenge has become instantly interesting to us: always projecting into the future, while any retrospective project is by definition focused on the past. This was the paradox we needed to resolve, which is why we envisioned a project that would subvert the main dynamics of a typical monographic retrospective: We began by thinking of a zine that, unlike other retrospective projects, would not seem like the end of the long process.

But as the beginning of a new one; Instead of focusing on providing answers to unanswered questions, we focus on raising questions that do not yet have an answer; Rather than thinking of a zine that celebrates the past, we think of one that glimpses the future of a community yet to be formed.

This zine is not tied to the past, but wants to use the past as a canvas on which to glimpse a future. There is no reverence for the file. There is a sense of future reorganization of the past as I would like it to be: this idea formed the design. The contents of the archive are divided into chapters by a series of questions that intrigue each of them. We did not impose rules on it.

No consistency in any sense of beauty in any sense of storytelling. Each chapter is a world of its own. The inspirations were different, but definitely a constant idea was to stay true to this lack of rules and always start from a blank canvas. Obviously the idea was to convey a sense of imperfection, it became our language everywhere. Design celebrates and questions the quotes themselves, bringing them to life while challenging their meaning in a visual way. Buy