Here’s Why Cybercriminals Are Now Imitating Brands on Social Media

Social media has often become a hotbed of criminal activity and now cyber criminals have found a new way to to partake in their deeds. The latest popular method is to imitate brands, according to report in WWD. The reasoning behind this, which is usually done by simply copying and pasting the brand’s information into another profile, […]

Uganda Imposes Social Media Tax to Stop “Gossip”

Uganda’s parliament has passed a law to impose a “social media tax”. It will enforce a daily fee of about 200 shillings ($0.05 USD) on people using social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. It will go into effect on July 1. To put into perspective, according to The World Bank, in 2016, Uganda’s Gross National Income per capita […]

Warren Buffett Offered to Invest $3 Billion USD in Uber

Warren Buffett proposed to invest over $3 billion USD in Uber earlier this year, but the deal fell through due to disagreements over the terms and size of the deal, according to Bloomberg. Buffett later confirmed to CNBC that his company Berkshire Hathaway did indeed have plans to work with the ride-hailing company, adding that he was a “great admirer” of Uber’s CEO […]

Uber’s Panic Button Launches in the U.S.

Uber recently added a “Panic Button” feature on its app that allows users to call 911. To activate it, users will need to access the safety icon located in the bottom right section of the app and then click “911 assistance.” An immediate confirmation will ensue, asking users for their reason behind the 911-calling. Moreover, the […]

Instagram Finally Adds a Mute Button

Instagram is finally adding a mute button to its app, so dodging those annoying followers just became easier. You’ll soon have the option to remove someone’s post, their stories or both, from your appearing on your timeline without worrying if they’ve found out or not. While muted, you’ll still be able to view that profile and […]

Amazon & Jeff Bezos Under Fire for “Powering a Government Surveillance Infrastructure”

Amazon premiered its image recognition service, Rekognition, in late 2016, part of its Amazon Web Services cloud computing package. It then began promoting the technology to law enforcement agencies, claiming that Rekognition could aid in criminal investigations by automatically identifying suspect’s faces in photographs. Though its proponents support the service’s crime-fighting capabilities, critics assert that the […]

Instagram’s New “All Caught Up” Feature Lets You Know When to Stop Scrolling

Earlier this month, Instagram announced a new insights feature that will let you know how much you are using the platform. Now, the image-sharing app is potentially rolling out another new function that will let you know when you have are caught up with photos shared. Some users have seen a mid-feed notice reading “You’re All Caught […]

Instagrams That Are Actually Worth Following

Fashion archiving—which sounds like the most unbelievably banal job description—is a proclivity perfectly matched to the Instagram platform. But reviving decades-old fashion gems isn’t purely an aesthetic, social exercise. Done right, it’s borderline scholarly. The best, rarest finds contextualize and bind today’s trends into a cohesive dialogue with the past. They decode homages, pay tribute […]

Launching a Fashion Career On Instagram

When Lauren Faye arrived on the cusp of adulthood in 2014, she registered herself an account on Instagram. Contrary to the other teenagers, she was late to the social media game. She was born in London but “moved to New Zealand when I was 12”. Faye majored in art and design and relocated back home […]