Helmut Lang: The Coming of Age of The Cool

Vogue’s Sarah Mower probably put it best: “What [Helmut Lang] achieved in the nineties is so little written about, so far beyond the existing reach of the Internet—and was so elusive, even at the time—that it’s hard to capture its enormity. What he did went far beyond inventing a casual-formal, elegant-subversive uniform—things to wear every day that […]

The Artist in an Age of Invisible Forensics

Did you ever meet Roberta Breitmore? If so, congrats, you’re part of an artworkby artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, who invented Breitmore—a character often replete with a blond wig and theatrical makeup as well as a backstory and checking account—in 1972 as part of a durational performance. That same year, she also initiated her immersive, site-specific installation The Dante Hotel at […]