Rediscovery: The Cold and Crystalline Poetry of Minimal Pop Artist Peter Roehr

Though his work has been shown on a fairly regular basis in Europe since his untimely death at age twenty-four in 1968, the German artist Peter Roehr’s presence as a link between Pop and Minimalism has been (heh) minimized in the well-plotted sturm und drang of an American-centric narrative of post-war modern art. Curators, the upholsterers of art […]

Tidal Counters Accusations With Its Own Investigation

Last week, Norwegian business publication Dagens Næringsliv accused Tidal of intentionally falsifying streaming numbers and its subscriber growth numbers for exclusive releases including Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and Beyonce’s Lemonade. Other claims included how the streaming service missed months of payments to record labels. The company data acquired was allegedly found on a hard drive that the paper acquired.Now, Tidal is disputing these accusations and saying that […]

The Weeknd Covers ‘TIME’s “Next Generation Leaders” Issue

The Weeknd covers the latest issue of TIME magazine. The issue is titled “Next Generation Leaders” and the cover story, written by Kara Brown, speaks on the Toronto crooner’s rise to superstardom, headlining Coachella 2018, relationships, making music and the release of his latest My Dear Melancholy EP. It is The Weeknd’s first interview since 2016. The annual list focuses on […]

Launching a Fashion Career On Instagram

When Lauren Faye arrived on the cusp of adulthood in 2014, she registered herself an account on Instagram. Contrary to the other teenagers, she was late to the social media game. She was born in London but “moved to New Zealand when I was 12”. Faye majored in art and design and relocated back home […]