Villa Eiders Brings Modernity to a Tranquil French Community

1 2 3 4 Based in Lège-Cap-Ferret, this home is the latest to catch our eye. Coming in at 405 sq. meters, it’s an impressive size, which gave the lead architects Hugues & Edouard Touton a great deal to play with. The duo decided to split the volumes as well as blend the wood facade with concrete. […]

Hefei Wantou Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland Brings High-End Design to Kindergarten

1 2 3 4 The latest architectural space to pique our interest is the Hefei Wantou Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland building. Created by Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design, the space was built to support education in the new residential area near Hefei and includes a park, 15-class kindergarten which use interconnecting buildings. The inspiration for the space originally came from […]

The Claire House Brings Architectural Minimalism to Coastal Spain

1 2 3 Coastal Spain is as scenic as you’d expect, so wanting to place a home there comes as no surprise. But DTR_Studios has created a space that does stand out from the crowd in the Claire House. Utilising the same white color scheme as the rest of the street, the upgrades are visible in the modern minimalism […]