Behind the Design of Supreme’s Brooklyn Store

1 2 3 4 Last October, Supreme opened the doors to its fledgling Brooklyn outpost. Conceptualized by lead architects Neil Logan and Minji Kim, the duo transformed the once delivery truck storage space into a 2,938-square-meter retail shop for the streetwear giant. An expansive skylight, seven-foot-tall brick walls with loose plaster, and metal benches with protruding grind […]

Nike Crafts Special Air Span to Honor the Late Gary Warnett

Gary Warnett, renowned sneaker enthusiast and journalist, sadly passed away in September of 2017 from an unexpected illness. Among the many tributes, Supreme created a special box logo tee in honor of Warnett’s legacy. In light of Warnett’s 40th birthday on May 21, Nike created a unique Air Span with “GW” stamped on the side. See the sample below: 40 pairs of these distinct […]