Uber’s Panic Button Launches in the U.S.

Uber recently added a “Panic Button” feature on its app that allows users to call 911. To activate it, users will need to access the safety icon located in the bottom right section of the app and then click “911 assistance.” An immediate confirmation will ensue, asking users for their reason behind the 911-calling. Moreover, the […]

Uber Unveils Futuristic “Skyport” Designs for Flying Car Services

Peer-to-peer ridesharing services have become rampant amongst major city streets, and now, car service stalwart Uber is looking upwards for its next transportation dominion. After unveiling its flying taxi prototype earlier this month, the company just debuted futuristic designs for the modular “Skyports” that will provide the launchpads for its plane/helicopter hybrid to release in 2023. Collectively, a total […]