Netflix Becomes the “World’s Most Valuable Media Company”

Last month, Netflix made headlines for nearing an unprecedented $150 billion USD market cap. Now, the streaming giant is receiving even more attention for its new title as “the world’s most valuable media company.” With a market cap close to $162 billion USD, Netflix shares have hit an “all-time high” of $351.09 USD per share, amounting to an […]

Childish Gambino’s Album Sales Soar Over 400% Following Release of “This Is America”

With “This Is America” quickly taking over the world with its powerful socio-politically message, Childish Gambino‘s album sales recently saw an unprecedented increase in sales. Following the debut of the track accompanied by a Hiro Murai-directed music video, sales of Donald Glover‘s old albums have gone up 419 percent according to Nielsen. With the increase, all three of the actor/rapper’s projects […]