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Photography Gustavo Ipolito, Fashion Edition Adelmo Firmino

Founded in São Paulo in 2013, OK is now distributed worldwide by MagCloud. Our opening for global briefings reflects this diversity of cultural interest, with contributions of correspondents from five continents; covering it all, from products to personal happenings.


Creative Director & Editor
Guilherme Lombardi

Adelmo Firmino, Ai Wei Wei, Akiyama Yo, Andreas Zingerle, Aron Filkey, Bruno Rezende, Camille Henrot, Cecilia Macedo, Denny Sach, Dindi Hojah, Doctor Raw, Eber Figueira, Eden Bannet, Fabia Bercsek, Fernando Tomaz, Guilherme Casagrande, Gustavo Ipolito, Helm Silva, Henrique Padilha, Hugo Toni, Hunag Yong Ping, Ida Ekblad, Jim Mangan, Karine Basílio, Keizo Kitajima, Leandro Porto, Leyla Cardenas, Lucy Hardcastle, Marcell Maia, Marcio Moraes, Mijoo Kim, Minh. T, Namsa Ieuba, Nadine Goepfert, Pablo Rasgado, Pierre Marie Groud, Osamu Yokonami, Patrick Guisso, Petr Pawlowski, Ran Hwang, Renata Brazil, RG Imagem, Romain Baro, Sakarin Krue-ON, Tathiana Yumi Kurita, Vanessa Bee­croft, Zheng Guogu, 2Labstudio (…)

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OK Mag Special Collection Ratier - Photography Pedrita Junckes, Fashion Edition Vivi Rivaben

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"Something that tastes like Stairway to Heaven meeting the Dark Side of The Moon, in incredible ediorials like The Pleasure Of The Immensity, Le Danse, X-Rockstar and Willinamsburg Girl with the impredicable touch"

"A wonderful idea and a very corageous attittude to speed up fashion bunisses. We have great fashion magazines in Brazil, but most of them are deeply comercial with a very simplistic language. The "touch of art" of OK mag will enchant all people that loves fashion, not only to know what they will wear tomorrow, but to understant fashion as an art and society statment."

"Ok Mag and the new concept of cultural magazine"

‘’If there’s one thing I really like as a fashion photography lover, it is discovering new images and new magazines. The one I am about to introduce is called OK Magazine. Founded in Sao Paulo in 2013, OK is described as an inspirational medium, presenting fashion through the prism of art and society. The editors dedicate their pages to designers and important cultural personalities with interviews and images, with the help of contributors from all around the world. A breath of fresh air to fashion publications’’