Bloco Arquitectos Transforms Iconic Brutalist House in Brazil

Brazilian architecture firm Bloco Arquitectos was tasked with renovating the MR53 house in Brasilia, which was originally designed by Milton Ramos — a frequent Oscar Niemeyer collaborator. Since it was originally designed in 1972, the brutalist house changed drastically, with its pool covered and its exposed concrete walls hidden. For Bloco Arquitectos, one of the key challenges was restoring the house to its original vision while also modernizing it for the new owners.

Three key principles from Ramos’ other projects — free flow between spaces, prominent exposed concrete and water — were adapted for MR53. The new touches from Bloco included recovering original feature such as the wooden floor and concrete interiors, as well as changing the spacing and access of other rooms to make the house more suitable for a modern family. Take a look through the new version of the brutalist house in the gallery above.

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