‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Selling ‘Legend of Zelda’ 3DS for $1,000 USD

The mad genius that is Rick and Morty may not see a return to TV until 2019, however co-creator Justin Roiland continues to surprise fans of the hit Adult Swim show everyday. Having recently appeared on Witchsy is a limited-edition Legend of Zelda Nintendo DS signed by Justin Roiland himself. What makes this 3DS so special is Roiland plays on a joke from the show’s second season where Rick plots a money-making scheme of buying limited edition Nintendo 3DS consoles in order to flip them for a profit.

According to Vicethe device was in fact purchased by Roiland. “OK, so here’s what’s important re: the 3DS systems,” Roiland wrote in a text message to Witchsy co-founder Kate Dwyer. “All the stuff Rick says in that scene in the episode was actually true. My plan was to sell them off here and there over the years but I just had so many that I still have them. It’s also important to know that I felt bad after I bought them all so I went and purchased 15 2DS systems and a bunch of games and donated them to the children’s hospital of Los Angeles. I became part of the problem that day. I became a scalper. CHA-CHING.”

The Legend of Zelda 3DS features a drawing of the show’s titular characters alongside Roiland’s signature which can be yours now for $1,000 USD. The description over at Witchsy states:

Here is a Zelda Nintendo DS Signed by Justin Roiland with an original drawing. This is actually one of the Nintendos that Justin Roiland purchased himself from Walmart and which then inspired Rick’s joke in episode “Total Rickall.”

Justin said he’d provide some sort of certificate of authenticity with it but who knows that dude is busy and certificate might just be drawn on a dominos napkin.

This is an actually limited edition Zelda Nintendo. Frame the box and play the game? Or maybe just seal in a vault as invaluable nerd collector’s item?

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