Microsoft Teases Backward Compatibility Updates For Xbox Series X/S

Amongst other “exciting” new features.

As Microsoft strives to appeal to the latest generation of console owners, a backward compatibility upgrade is rumored to be coming shortly to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Recently, Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s Director of Product Management chatted with Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson regarding how backward compatibility will work for the Xbox Series X/S. Ronald was able to confirm the news of the backward compatibility update being available this year, along with other more “exciting” news expected to arrive on the consoles.

Now more than ever, Xbox is understanding the importance of backward compatibility, which would permit gamers to “play older games on current consoles”. With backward compatibility, players were able “to complete the switch and play popular titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops IIGrand Theft Auto IVDarksiders, and Assassin’s Creed III on the Xbox One.”

In the podcast, Ronald also touched on some of the feedback Xbox has been receiving from the community. Taking into account the feedback, Ronald claimed that there might be a “possibility of reintroducing quick resume for all available titles, and Smart Delivery. Smart delivery allows players to purchase an Xbox One game and instantaneously receive the Xbox Series X/S versions whenever they make the upgrade.” The team is also looking to expand the functionality of Xbox’s mobile app, working on improving broadcasting options in relation to DVR function.

Microsoft recently reported that Xbox Series X/S are struggling to surpass its predecessors in sales due to a backlog in stocks. With the confirmation of the rumored backward compatibility, Microsoft is hoping that it will resolve a part of the stock issues it has been facing with the Xbox Series X/S.


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