The age of the overly casual coming out video

As an increasingly storied genre of short film, the coming out video has a long history online in much the same way as the YouTube apology video, or one of the platform’s arguably more infamous diss tracks. In the past decade or so, notable works within the medium have included “I’m Gay”, an expertly choreographed […]


How to tell if your partner’s quiet quitting your relationship

If you’ve gone on TikTok even one single time over the past few months, it’s inevitable that you’ve seen creators renaming and redefining doing the bare minimum required in your job as “quiet quitting”. The now ubiquitous term immediately went viral, inspiring conversations around work “not being your life” and even being “quiet fired”. While […]


Sydney Sweeney to star in remake of cult sci-fi classic, Barbarella

Sydney Sweeney will be starring in a remake of cult classic Barbarella for Sony Pictures. The film is still in the early stages of development and the writer and director are still to be confirmed. But Sweeney nodded to her involvement in the project yesterday afternoon (October 11), posting artwork from the original film on […]


Alexander McQueen put Hieronymus Bosch in a pair of bumsters for SS23

For its SS23 show, Alexander McQueen took us back inside its giant, bubble-shaped greenhouse, this time installed at the University of Greenwich campus, on the side of the Thames. Appropriate, then, that models were sent down the runway in bumsters and sharp black tailoring that looked as if it had just been slashed with gardening […]


In defence of the fashion runway gimmick

Fashion is an industry based on conjecture. Most of the clothing paraded at shows will never leave the runway – one version is made, to be worn once, by one model. In fact, thousands of garments are never commercially produced, because on the catwalk, creativity is simply a ruse for all the boring stuff that […]

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Tom Cruise To Become First Actor to Film a Movie in Space

Tom Cruise is all about taking his acting expertise to new heights. After the success of Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise has redefined taking his projects o new heights, but now, it appears that he will quite literally do so.   The 60-year-old Hollywood action veteran is set to become the first actor to shoot a […]


Lil Nas X is coming for right-wing ‘loser’ Andrew Tate

Continuing his fine tradition of trolling the most obnoxious people on the planet, Lil Nas X has hit back at Andrew Tate, a right-wing internet personality known for his extreme misogynistic views. Tate, an ex-kickboxer and former Big Brother contestant, has come under a lot of scrutiny recently, getting banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and […]


Moncler wants to take you on an Extraordinary Expedition

We hope Moncler’s team has packed some Kendal Mint Cake; its Extraordinary Expedition is taking it thousands of miles across the globe, celebrating seven decades of extraordinary creativity. Alongside stop-offs in New York, Seoul and a virtual event in China, it’s heading to London on 12 — 16 October, seeing the fashion house reach its second checkpoint just […]


The Swimmers captures ​“young Arab women you don’t see on screen”

You might remember the newspaper headlines about the Mardini sisters’ story. Professional swimmer Yusra escaped war-ravaged Syria with her sibling Sara and went on to become an Olympic athlete. As part of a desperate journey, the 17 and 20-year-olds became stranded in the middle of the Aegean sea on a sinking dinghy, before courageously pulling the boat […]