Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs Have a 20-Minute Chat in AI-Powered Podcast

Artificial intelligence has allowed us to simulate all kinds of situations through computer systems. Some of its main applications are language processing and speech recognition, and now, through and we’re actually able to see how far the technology has come by experiencing a conversation with someone who is not even on Earth anymore.

In an entirely AI-generated podcast, has created a full interview between Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs. While the first bit of the podcast is clunky with weird pauses and awkward laughing, it does start to move into real conversation touching on faith, tech companies, drugs, and at one point the AI-generated Jobs uses the analogy of a car where you have to buy all four wheels separately to Adobe’s services.

The crazy thing is some parts begin to sound believable, and actually keep you listening as you start to make a connection to what they are saying. This could be enforced by the prevalence of Joe Rogan in the current podcast sphere, and the general curiosity of witnessing what Steve Jobs would have said if the two ever did meet. Have a listen below to experience the AI podcast for yourself.

Source: Hypebeast

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