Fortnite Debuts Virtual Film Festival ‘Short Nite’ on the Big Screen in Party Royale

Fortnite’s virtual film festival, Short Nite is debuting this month on the Big Screen in Party Royale. The virtual festival will feature 12 acclaimed animated short films for players and their friends to enjoy. Fans can expect films from a selection of creators and directors from around the world. Several of the short films have been nominated for […]

Sony Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Drift

An American law firm has now filed a class action lawsuit against Sony over the alleged PlayStation 5 DualSense controller drift that certain players have been experiencing. The suit was filed earlier this week by a firm named Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith, which is also responsible for the previous Nintendo Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit. Upon learning that a […]

Microsoft Teases Backward Compatibility Updates For Xbox Series X/S

As Microsoft strives to appeal to the latest generation of console owners, a backward compatibility upgrade is rumored to be coming shortly to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Recently, Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s Director of Product Management chatted with Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson regarding how backward compatibility will work for the Xbox Series X/S. Ronald was able to […]

‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ TCG GHOSTS FROM THE PAST Confirms Firewall Dragon Ghost Rare

Konami‘s Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game has just confirmed that Firewall Dragon will be joining the list of Ghost Rares in the upcoming GHOSTS FROM THE PAST collector’s set. The banned card, recognized again by Yu-Gi-Oh! as Playmaker’s “ace monster,” now joins Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, the original Dark Magician, and the newly announced Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of […]

Limited Edition Luka Doncic Rookie Card Sells for $800K at Auction

A limited-edition Luka Doncic NBA rookie card has made its way to the sports trading card market. The card was auctioned off recently through Goldin Auctions and became the highest ever-priced Luka Doncic rookie card. Doncic’s rare Panini Gold Prizm card was sold for $799,5000 USD. The card received a perfect 10/10 grading and is reportedly extremely hard to come by. Only ten […]

‘Magic: The Gathering’ Announces Valentine’s Day Secret Lair “Smitten” Superdrop

Wizards of the Coast is now joining your Valentine’s Day celebrations for a series of exclusive Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair cards arriving in the form of a festive “Smitten” superdrop. The entire seasonal release will consist of five main packs. Faerie, Faerie, Faerie Rad includes forr borderless foil alternative art cards spanning across Glen Elendra Archmage, Mistblind Clique, Spellstutter […]

The Flash Makes His Battle Royale Debut With ‘Fortnite’

Play as the Fastest Man Alive today. Continuing on with yet another busy season that has seen the likes of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Predator, and Kratos all arrive at the Island, Fortnite is now introducing yet another big character for its massively-popular battle royale: DC Comics‘ The Flash. Aside from bringing the Scarlet […]

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Quits ‘Fortnite’ After Repeated Stream Sniping

Earlier this week, Tyler Blevins, more commonly known as Ninja, quit Fortnite due to excessive stream sniping incidents. He departs the game that launched him into global fame. The most recent Fortnite stream session saw a few players reportedly stream-sniping (described by Business Insider as “an opportunistic tactic in online gaming when a viewer exploits information by watching the livestream of someone […]

Pokémon Fans in Uproar Over McDonald’s Happy Meal Card Scalping

  Cases are now going for $1,100 USD. 2020 was just a big year for Pokémon TCG. Collectors have amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars auctioning their childhood gems and reselling current products like Elite Trainer Boxes and boosters packs. To no surprise, when McDonald’s announced it would be including a special 25th-anniversary pack of Pokémon cards with each Happy Meal purchase, […]