A Closer Look at Clubhouse, the New and Rising Audio-Chat Social Platform

The invite-only app being used by the likes of Elon Musk and Kanye West.

As the majority of us attempt to limit the amount of time we’re spending scrolling through Instagram each day, a new social networking app is here to make putting our devices down that little harder.

Clubhouse — as it’s named — is a social platform based on audio-chat. Think large Zoom calls blended with live podcasts, all on topics of the user’s choice. Listen into conversations, interviews and general discussions on varying topics, based on your interests. Founded in March 2020 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, as of May 2020 the platform had just 1,500 users globally, yet its worth was a staggering $100million USD.

Earlier this week, talk of the platform rocketed after Elon Musk and Kanye West announced their intentions to join Clubhouse, with Musk tweeting: “The most entertaining outcome is the most likely”. While many will be hoping to listen in to what will surely be an interesting conversation, Clubhouse, for now, is invite-only.

Unlike other platforms, you can’t simply download the app and create an account, instead you need to be invited by an existing member. If lucky enough to be invited, you’ll be asked to select a variety of topics of interest — including everything from fashion, music and sports, to fitness, well-being and politics — which will help the app hand-pick conversation rooms that may be of interest to you. Similar to a Zoom call, while the hosts will be leading certain conversations on various topics, there will also be chances to input your own opinions using the ‘Raise Your Hand’ option.

While Clubhouse is currently invite-only, the platform did confirm in a recent blog post that it’s looking to roll out the app fully later this year. So if you aren’t lucky enough to receive an invite in the near future, it doesn’t look like too long until you too can jump aboard the Clubhouse bandwagon.

You can keep up-to-date with everything Clubhouse via its website.


Source: Hypebeast

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