Lil Nas X is coming for right-wing ‘loser’ Andrew Tate


The rapper hit back after the infamous misogynist described him as one of ‘the worst influences’ out there

Continuing his fine tradition of trolling the most obnoxious people on the planet, Lil Nas X has hit back at Andrew Tate, a right-wing internet personality known for his extreme misogynistic views.

Tate, an ex-kickboxer and former Big Brother contestant, has come under a lot of scrutiny recently, getting banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. It’s easy to see why: he believes that women should be a man’s property and must “bear responsibility” if they get raped, and is plagued by his own alleged rumours of domestic violence.

His links with far-right racists and homophobes are also on record, which makes his animus towards Lil Nas X – who he has previously described as “dangerous” – unsurprising. This came to a head last week when Tate appeared on Piers Morgan’s talk show, presumably in an effort to detoxify his brand. During this interview, he claimed he is not “the worst influence out here. You have Lil Nas X twerking on the devil in music videos which our children are digesting”.  Tate then implied that Lil Nas X was “one of the insanities in the world”, as opposed to the traditional masculinity he represents.

Sharing the clip in question, Lil Nas X tweeted, “Andrew Tate, please stop mentioning me! I am never gonna let you smash, loser!” Responding to a now-deleted tweet from a Tate supporter who described him as “the real problem in this new society,” he then wrote, “No, people like you are the problem. While ‘real men’ like me provide for their family and community, n****s like you sit on Twitter using Andrew Tate’s dick as a pacifier because you were never taught how to be your own man.” God bless Lil Nas X and his indomitable spirit: maybe one day conservatives will learn that they will never get the better of him on Twitter or IRL.

Source: Dazed

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