Bella Hadid is just another bloke in Balenciaga

At the beginning of the year, Dazed’s fashion desk launched a gruelling investigation into whether Bella Hadid owns one of those massive Sports Direct mugs. After working tirelessly for 30 minutes we came to almost no conclusion, but the model’s Lady Sovereign cosplay was enough to get the UK’s largest sports-goods retailer to Tweet – […]


Johnny Depp will walk in Rihanna’s next Savage x Fenty show

There is a specific genre of Tweet, usually afforded to Rihanna, that goes something like this: “See what happens when you mind your business??,” spliced with a pool-side photo of the musician, skin gleaming with an exotic flower in her hair. Much of her popularity has been based on this kind of thing – on the […]


Tumblr is letting us be naked again

Tumblr’s death knell sounded back in 2018, when the site infamously banned adult content. “There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content,” CEO Jeff D’Onofrio said at the time. The site’s popularity quickly tanked: in the three months following the platform lost 30 per cent of its monthly page views. […]


Teenage thieves disguised as art students are robbing New York galleries

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the art world is rife with crime, from fakes and forgeries, to fraud, sketchy tax workarounds, and – on the more glamorous end of the spectrum – daring heists. Recently, though, New York City galleries witnessed a string of robberies that reduced the art hanging on their walls […]


Shein factory workers are paid as little as 3p per item

A new Channel 4 investigation has uncovered that workers supplying Shein are paid as little as 3p per garment and work shifts of around 18 hours. In a new documentary, Untold: Inside the Shein Machine, Channel 4 uncovered that in some of the fast fashion giant’s Chinese factories, workers earn a maximum of £500 per […]


Madonna’s Balenciaga musical really, really needs to happen

Plenty reading this probably weren’t born when Madonna stepped into Eva Perón’s shoes in 1996 musical Evita. The living, breathing legend – who recently trolled the world by “coming out” on TikTok, turned up to the CSM grad show with a suitcase, and really wanted to know why we’ve “got a fucking problem with tomatoes” – was […]


Alexander McQueen put Hieronymus Bosch in a pair of bumsters for SS23

For its SS23 show, Alexander McQueen took us back inside its giant, bubble-shaped greenhouse, this time installed at the University of Greenwich campus, on the side of the Thames. Appropriate, then, that models were sent down the runway in bumsters and sharp black tailoring that looked as if it had just been slashed with gardening […]


Lil Nas X is coming for right-wing ‘loser’ Andrew Tate

Continuing his fine tradition of trolling the most obnoxious people on the planet, Lil Nas X has hit back at Andrew Tate, a right-wing internet personality known for his extreme misogynistic views. Tate, an ex-kickboxer and former Big Brother contestant, has come under a lot of scrutiny recently, getting banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and […]


Angelina Jolie details disturbing abuse allegations against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has alleged that Brad Pitt physically and verbally abused her and their children on a 2016 private plane flight from France to California. In a cross-complaint filed on Tuesday as part of an ongoing legal battle over Chateau Miraval, the French winery that the celebrity couple once co-owned, the actress shared details of […]

A$AP Rocky propose to Rihanna

Watch A$AP Rocky propose to Rihanna in new video for ‘D.M.B.’

Remember that photo of A$AP Rocky and Rihanna kicking back on a New York City fire escape back in July 2021, wearing matching fluffy fits from Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton SS22 collection? Of course you do. Have you recovered yet? Of course you haven’t. But now, at least, you can relive the endorphin high of watching the world’s most stylish couple strut about the […]