Primavera São Paulo & Dior takes over Harrods: What’s in fashion?

It’s that time of year again. You will have heard the songs in supermarkets, and noticed the sprinkling of tinsel and fairy lights across window displays — as the evenings draw in, the world is gearing up for holiday season. This week, we bring you the news of Dior’s gargantuan takeover of Harrods, which is enough […]


A guide to Lindsay Lohan’s style evolution

We often don’t give Lindsay Lohan enough credit for her impact on fashion and culture across the last two decades. The starlet, who rose to fame in a myriad of Disney films, quickly became the name on everyone’s lips with her iconic acting performances (The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls…), two studio albums, a […]


Ellen von Unwerth’s unseen polaroids capture the golden age of supermodels

“These kinds of polaroids don’t exist anymore,” Ellen von Unwerth tells me on the phone from Paris. While she mainly shoots digitally now, in the 90s and early 00s, Ellen used Type 100 peel-apart film as a preview. It was a quick method to see how a photoshoot would develop. Decades later, her visual archive […]


How the internet got so gross

For SS23, celebrities and designers alike dabbled in the distorted, from fake botched lip filler on the runway to Doja Cat’s bruised and busted Balenciaga makeup. While “ugly” fashion has been trending for some time, this confirmed the rumblings of what social media trends have been indicating for a while now: being beautiful online is […]


We all want to dress like a rebellious royal

Being a princess is in style. Not the always-poised symbol of perfection type though, rather a princess with edge, idiosyncrasy and an unusual story. We’re living in a time where Meghan Markle is on the cover of glossy mags, where TikTok has discovered Kate Middleton’s clubbing outfits, where the anticipation of Netflix’s portrayal of revenge […]


Katie Burnett’s surreal imagery combines nudity with sock puppets

This month, Katie Burnett releases her second book of photographs. A stylist by trade — with clients like Gucci, Burberry and Calvin Klein — Katie only began taking pictures herself two years ago, shooting self-portraits with a catalogue of props (elastic bands, packet noodles and fridge magnets) in her Brooklyn apartment. Encouraged by her friend, […]


Bella Hadid is just another bloke in Balenciaga

At the beginning of the year, Dazed’s fashion desk launched a gruelling investigation into whether Bella Hadid owns one of those massive Sports Direct mugs. After working tirelessly for 30 minutes we came to almost no conclusion, but the model’s Lady Sovereign cosplay was enough to get the UK’s largest sports-goods retailer to Tweet – […]


Johnny Depp will walk in Rihanna’s next Savage x Fenty show

There is a specific genre of Tweet, usually afforded to Rihanna, that goes something like this: “See what happens when you mind your business??,” spliced with a pool-side photo of the musician, skin gleaming with an exotic flower in her hair. Much of her popularity has been based on this kind of thing – on the […]


A guide to Selena Gomez’ style evolution

There’s a reason Selena Gomez has such a large and loyal fanbase. Since her days as the coolest, most relatable 2010s Disney Channel graduate, the Texas-born star has radiated authenticity in whatever she does: from her addictive pop music, headline-grabbing fashion moments and the launch of Rare Beauty, to her varied screen work — everything […]