7 of Twiggy’s most iconic outfits

Progenitor of a lineage that includes Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and, now, Bella Hadid, Twiggy was the world’s first supermodel. Née Lesley Horny, Twiggy was discovered in 1966 by a fashion journalist at London’s Daily Express. The following year, she was covering Vogue and flying across continents to walk runways in France and Japan. With […]


How British subcultures influenced Raf Simons

The weather’s shit, inflation’s rising and our political system has all but crumbled. Like the punchline of a bad joke your dad keeps telling, Britain is only getting worse. Add this to a woeful record of climate desecration, colonial plunder and neoliberal catastrophe, and you might wonder: what on earth has possessed Raf Simons to […]


Alexander McQueen put Hieronymus Bosch in a pair of bumsters for SS23

For its SS23 show, Alexander McQueen took us back inside its giant, bubble-shaped greenhouse, this time installed at the University of Greenwich campus, on the side of the Thames. Appropriate, then, that models were sent down the runway in bumsters and sharp black tailoring that looked as if it had just been slashed with gardening […]


In defence of the fashion runway gimmick

Fashion is an industry based on conjecture. Most of the clothing paraded at shows will never leave the runway – one version is made, to be worn once, by one model. In fact, thousands of garments are never commercially produced, because on the catwalk, creativity is simply a ruse for all the boring stuff that […]


Moncler wants to take you on an Extraordinary Expedition

We hope Moncler’s team has packed some Kendal Mint Cake; its Extraordinary Expedition is taking it thousands of miles across the globe, celebrating seven decades of extraordinary creativity. Alongside stop-offs in New York, Seoul and a virtual event in China, it’s heading to London on 12 — 16 October, seeing the fashion house reach its second checkpoint just […]


Reflections on Kanye

A Kanye West fashion show comes with a certain amount of intrigue. Where will it be? Who will walk? How late are we talking? Will it even happen at all? Yes, his shows have long been associated with disorganisation and chaos. But between all that, you usually imagine there will be flashes of brilliance. Flashes […]


Marc Jacobs on reflecting today’s politics in fashion

There was a period towards the beginning of the pandemic when every conversation in fashion appeared to revolve around its imminent restructure: about the lessons this industry was supposedly learning about slowing down and reducing its output, about enforcing a shift in the cultural calendar and prioritising creative values. “Do you remember quarantine?” asks Marc […]