Moncler wants to take you on an Extraordinary Expedition

Moncler is heading to London as part of its globe-trekking Extraordinary Expedition, featuring a new exhibition with Platon during Frieze Week and some immersive 4D madness.

We hope Moncler’s team has packed some Kendal Mint Cake; its Extraordinary Expedition is taking it thousands of miles across the globe, celebrating seven decades of extraordinary creativity. Alongside stop-offs in New York, Seoul and a virtual event in China, it’s heading to London on 12 — 16 October, seeing the fashion house reach its second checkpoint just in time for Frieze Week.

It’s found space amid the infamous fair’s schedule of bonkers art to present an immersive, multimedia experience at 180 The Strand and for this edition of the expedition, legendary photographer Platon has tagged along for the ride. Known for his striking and uncompromising portraits and minimalist backdrops (he even shot for THE FACE way back when), he’s snapped a batch of talent including Nigel Sylvester, Elsa Hosk and Honey Dijon in Moncler’s limited edition takes on Maya 70 jacket, designed by the likes of Rick Owens and Pierpaolo Piccioli. He’s also rounded-up on-the-rise artists and creatives to riff on what ​extraordinary’ means for them, presented in a panel talk between 13 — 14 October.

Following this Platonic fling, the Extraordinary Expedition continues with a multimedia display orienting visitors through a trio of experiences. After a Basecamp Welcome which sees guests scan QR codes to unlock intel about the displayed pieces, a Extraordinary Experience reveals an animated topographical showcase with 4D-style atmospheres and aromas including snow and fog (hopefully some Cumbrian peppermint oil too).

Then, we hike onwards to Extraordinary Moments, a collection of seven objects of significance including the brand’s 1952 padded sleeping bag that started everything. It ends with another archive collection – Extraordinary Designs – which sees a meticulously curated ensemble of Moncler’s highest-end collaborations displayed together. For a final futuristic twist, digital artist Antoni Tudisco has worked on an NFT that merges the Maya 70 jacket with London’s landmarks, gifted to 500 lucky visitors.

It’s quite clearly one for Moncler anoraks and outerwear heads; but anyone with a thing for art or exploration should set their Stoney compasses to West and sign up for tickets. Seventy years on, it’s clear that Moncler hasn’t even come close to reaching their peak yet, and it’s high time for us all to head onto a quest through its extraordinary past, present and future. 180 The Strand Cloakroom, make room for just as many 65 Litre backpacks…

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Source: The Face

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