Madonna’s Balenciaga musical really, really needs to happen

…and more fashion news you missed, including Bella Hadid’s new clothing line and Raf Simons’ ravey, romper-filled London show

Plenty reading this probably weren’t born when Madonna stepped into Eva Perón’s shoes in 1996 musical Evita. The living, breathing legend – who recently trolled the world by “coming out” on TikTok, turned up to the CSM grad show with a suitcase, and really wanted to know why we’ve “got a fucking problem with tomatoes” – was lauded for her role as the Argentine politician and activist, and scored herself a Golden Globe for best actress in the process. And now, it would seem, she’s got another musical in her sights.

Taking to TikTok once more as part of a live session with platform personality Terri Joe, the musician belted out a few lines from a song that conveyed her feelings about Balenciaga. “I wrote a song about Balenciaga called ‘Why’s Balenciaga So Expensive?” she told Terri, before launching straight into a verse. “Why’s Balenciaga so expensive? / Why’s Balenciaga so très cher? (That’s French!)  / Why’s Balenciaga never giving me a discount? / Why’s Balenciaga the only thing I wear?” before claiming she’s been “thinking of turning it into a musical”.

Not only does she make some points, but we’re obviously v much behind the idea of Balenciaga: The Musical. And with Demna joining forces with the brains behind The Simpsons for AW22, who’s to say next season won’t see him link up with Madonna for a special, musical runway show. The question is, however, who will play who? There’s Demna himself to cast, as well as longtime right-hand woman Lotta Volkova, runway fave Eliza Douglas, and Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and Nicole Kidman all to consider. One thing we know for sure, however, is that Jared Leto seems like he will not rest until he’s played each and every stellar name in fashion – catch him as François-Henri Pinault on a stage near you soon (probs).

In other news this week, Raf Simons finally got to stage his SS23 show at London’s Printworks and Thebe Magugu unveiled a beautiful new collection and accompanying film. For more of what passed you by, click through the gallery below.

Source: Dazed

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