Ellen von Unwerth’s unseen polaroids capture the golden age of supermodels

“These kinds of polaroids don’t exist anymore,” Ellen von Unwerth tells me on the phone from Paris. While she mainly shoots digitally now, in the 90s and early 00s, Ellen used Type 100 peel-apart film as a preview. It was a quick method to see how a photoshoot would develop. Decades later, her visual archive […]


Bella Hadid is just another bloke in Balenciaga

At the beginning of the year, Dazed’s fashion desk launched a gruelling investigation into whether Bella Hadid owns one of those massive Sports Direct mugs. After working tirelessly for 30 minutes we came to almost no conclusion, but the model’s Lady Sovereign cosplay was enough to get the UK’s largest sports-goods retailer to Tweet – […]


Johnny Depp will walk in Rihanna’s next Savage x Fenty show

There is a specific genre of Tweet, usually afforded to Rihanna, that goes something like this: “See what happens when you mind your business??,” spliced with a pool-side photo of the musician, skin gleaming with an exotic flower in her hair. Much of her popularity has been based on this kind of thing – on the […]


Shein factory workers are paid as little as 3p per item

A new Channel 4 investigation has uncovered that workers supplying Shein are paid as little as 3p per garment and work shifts of around 18 hours. In a new documentary, Untold: Inside the Shein Machine, Channel 4 uncovered that in some of the fast fashion giant’s Chinese factories, workers earn a maximum of £500 per […]


Madonna’s Balenciaga musical really, really needs to happen

Plenty reading this probably weren’t born when Madonna stepped into Eva Perón’s shoes in 1996 musical Evita. The living, breathing legend – who recently trolled the world by “coming out” on TikTok, turned up to the CSM grad show with a suitcase, and really wanted to know why we’ve “got a fucking problem with tomatoes” – was […]


Alexander McQueen put Hieronymus Bosch in a pair of bumsters for SS23

For its SS23 show, Alexander McQueen took us back inside its giant, bubble-shaped greenhouse, this time installed at the University of Greenwich campus, on the side of the Thames. Appropriate, then, that models were sent down the runway in bumsters and sharp black tailoring that looked as if it had just been slashed with gardening […]


In defence of the fashion runway gimmick

Fashion is an industry based on conjecture. Most of the clothing paraded at shows will never leave the runway – one version is made, to be worn once, by one model. In fact, thousands of garments are never commercially produced, because on the catwalk, creativity is simply a ruse for all the boring stuff that […]


Films with the best slogan T‑shirts

If you’ve got something to say, slap it across your chest. Slogan T‑shirts are all the rage – Instagram accounts like @shirtsthatgohard and @goodshirts have been documenting the best dirty, filthy tees for a while now (top picks: ​“I would piss my pants, if I were wearing any” or ​“I heart bush, the pussy not the president”), […]


Reflections on Kanye

A Kanye West fashion show comes with a certain amount of intrigue. Where will it be? Who will walk? How late are we talking? Will it even happen at all? Yes, his shows have long been associated with disorganisation and chaos. But between all that, you usually imagine there will be flashes of brilliance. Flashes […]