Netflix To Start Charging Password-Sharing Fees in Early 2023

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On top of the monthly subscription fee.

Netflix has announced that it will start charging password-sharing fees in early 2023.

The streaming giant broke the news during its recent quarterly earnings call, confirming that Netflix will put an additional fee on top of the user’s monthly subscription price if they share the account’s password with those who do not live in the same house. Although Netflix is yet to announce exactly when and which regions will be affected by this measure in early 2023, the company has actually already begun its crack down on password sharing — first in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Reports add that the fee’s exact number was not revealed, but could amount to around $3 USD or $4 USD if it follows the “one quarter of the basic rate” strategy. Those who are looking to get their own subscriptions can now also utilize Netflix’s account migration feature that will move a user’s account data, including viewing history, recommendations and more, to a new and standalone subscription.

Source: Hypebeast

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