Why we all want to watch rich influencers suffer

A24 and Halina Reijn’s new slasher movie Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022), based on a story by Cat Person writer Kristen Roupenian, begins with Bee, played by Maria Bakalova, travelling with her girlfriend Sophie (The Hate U Give’s Amandla Stenberg) to meet her friends — a bunch of wealthy kids in their early twenties with big […]


Sofia Coppola shares her on-set playlist

Time and time again, filmmaker Sofia Coppola shows us that she’s a cult favourite for good reason. In addition to making some truly beautiful movies over the past couple of decades, the director remains a 90s indie it-girl with a well-established street style and a thoroughly impressive music video cameo filmography. Her latest vision of […]


The photographer capturing Luca Guadagnino’s characters on set

“Every city has its patterns, its colour palette — all these surfaces are like a skin,” says photographer Yannis Drakoulidis, of what captures his attention each time he shoots a new place. “The combination of materials, plants, graphic design, construction of the city, cars; they make a puzzle somehow, they build the picture.” Based in […]


Adam Sandler’s next movie with the Safdie Brothers is all about card collecting

It’s been three years since the Safdie Brothers blessed us with Uncut Gems, the Adam Sandler-starring, nerve-shredding New York movie thriller that became the jewel (pun intended) in A24’s crown. Fast forward to 2022 and the team behind it, Adam included, have been pretty quiet on the movie front since. But fear not! Those desperate […]


The creator of The White Lotus just teased details of season three

We still have a few more days before we check into The White Lotus again for its second season, this time set at its luxury resort in Sicily. But if the new iteration – which sees the return of the iconic Jennifer Coolidge and new additions such as Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, F. Murray Abraham, […]


Tilda Swinton has dropped out of the Parasite TV show

Letterboxd heads went wild when it was revealed that Bong Joon-ho’s Oscar-winning movie Parasite was being adapted by HBO into a TV series, overseen by Succession’s Adam McKay. The original announcement came with the added promise of director Bong’s regular collaborator Tilda Swinton joining the cast, but she’s just announced that she’ll be parting ways […]

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Drake Is Celebrating 50 Billion Spotify Streams as the New Barcelona Home Kit Sponsor

Drake’s relationship with football has been there for all to see for some time now. Cast your minds back to Drizzy’s work with Liverpool F.C. when the musician was announced as an ambassador — alongside Serena Williams and Lebron James — for the club’s partnership with New Balance or even when the rapper lived in Juventus’ pink 2015/16 away jersey. And […]


Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t going to share her scream queen secrets

Ever since John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 slasher Halloween, the residents of Haddonfield have been slowly dying off, often in cinematic, brutal ways, usually around the end of October, almost certainly at the hands of a masked man named Michael Myers. Sometimes there are a few years in between – it depends on contract negotiations – but […]


Why everyone’s obsessed with Netflix’s true crime series The Watcher

Ryan Murphy inflicted hell on the families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims barely a month ago, and now he’s back already with another true crime series for Netflix. This time, the subjects are a wealthy family from New Jersey who move to their dream house in the suburbs, only to find that someone is watching their […]

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JPMorgan Chase Ends Banking Relationship With YEEZY

Following weeks of controversial news headlines and negative backlash, JPMorgan Chase has now officially ended its banking relationship with YEEZY. In an official statement sent to Ye and his team, the American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company noted a recent discussion with a redacted entity that led to it deciding to end […]