Is ‘reverse catfishing’ really a thing?

My friend Daisy asked for some help with setting up her Hinge profile the other week. “Are there too many pictures of me with a drink – do I look like an alcoholic?”, she asked, sliding her phone over to me and our other friend, Holly. “No,” Holly said, wrinkling her nose. “But it’s too […]


Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t going to share her scream queen secrets

Ever since John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 slasher Halloween, the residents of Haddonfield have been slowly dying off, often in cinematic, brutal ways, usually around the end of October, almost certainly at the hands of a masked man named Michael Myers. Sometimes there are a few years in between – it depends on contract negotiations – but […]


In defence of the fashion runway gimmick

Fashion is an industry based on conjecture. Most of the clothing paraded at shows will never leave the runway – one version is made, to be worn once, by one model. In fact, thousands of garments are never commercially produced, because on the catwalk, creativity is simply a ruse for all the boring stuff that […]