Art fairs are the new fashion weeks

Anyone stepping into Frieze’s white-walled labyrinth this week can expect a splashy display of the AW22 collections. Among the blue-chip masterpieces from your Damien Hirsts and Robert Rauschenbergs, throngs of panicked art world aficionados, curators and gallerists rush between booths, dripped out in the new season’s finest fashions. It’s technically an art event, but from […]

The media wronged Britney Spears – how will it make things right?

On the weekend of the Superbowl, the New York Times premiered a documentary, Framing Britney Spears, as part of their “Presents” series for FX/Hulu. The Britney Spears in the frame, for anyone who has been sleepwalking through life for the past 30 odd years, is the teen pop sensation who exploded to global megastardom at the turn of the millennium […]