Timothée Chalamet apparently ‘drips charisma’ in Wonka

No movie intrigues and haunts us more than the upcoming Timothée Chalamet movie musical Wonka: an origin story for the famed fictional chocolatier with a penchant for theatrical showcases and a disregard for safeguarding children. And while the film is currently in post-production limbo, preparing for its release in December 2023, one of the film’s […]


The Dune TV series is going ahead

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was built on the assumption that we’d get to see more of it. From the briefest glimpses we get of intriguing characters, like Zendaya’s Chani and Charlotte Rampling’s Gaius Helen Mohiam, to the rumblings of gigantic plot threads – including intergalactic political intrigue, murder and the emergence of a long-prophesied messiah – […]