Willy Vanderperre on the eternal questions of youth culture

Kicking the clichés of youth culture to the curb, Willy Vanderperre is back with his latest portrayal of adolescence in a new, feature-length film, Heartlands. Sure, the word ‘youth’ remains nigh on impossible to pin down, but after more than 30 years of grappling with the enigmatic idea, the photographer and filmmaker has decided to […]


Photographing teenage girlhood in the late 90s

Angela Hill is the co-founder of London’s favourite independent bookstore IDEA. Alongside David Owen, she’s been in the business of collecting and selling ultra-rare, ultra-out-there photo books since the late 1990s, when the pair were first enlisted to stock vintage tomes in the now-closed (but forever revolutionary) Colette store in Paris. These days, in addition […]