Madonna’s Balenciaga musical really, really needs to happen

Plenty reading this probably weren’t born when Madonna stepped into Eva Perón’s shoes in 1996 musical Evita. The living, breathing legend – who recently trolled the world by “coming out” on TikTok, turned up to the CSM grad show with a suitcase, and really wanted to know why we’ve “got a fucking problem with tomatoes” – was […]


Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t going to share her scream queen secrets

Ever since John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 slasher Halloween, the residents of Haddonfield have been slowly dying off, often in cinematic, brutal ways, usually around the end of October, almost certainly at the hands of a masked man named Michael Myers. Sometimes there are a few years in between – it depends on contract negotiations – but […]


Why everyone’s obsessed with Netflix’s true crime series The Watcher

Ryan Murphy inflicted hell on the families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims barely a month ago, and now he’s back already with another true crime series for Netflix. This time, the subjects are a wealthy family from New Jersey who move to their dream house in the suburbs, only to find that someone is watching their […]


7 of Twiggy’s most iconic outfits

Progenitor of a lineage that includes Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and, now, Bella Hadid, Twiggy was the world’s first supermodel. Née Lesley Horny, Twiggy was discovered in 1966 by a fashion journalist at London’s Daily Express. The following year, she was covering Vogue and flying across continents to walk runways in France and Japan. With […]


How British subcultures influenced Raf Simons

The weather’s shit, inflation’s rising and our political system has all but crumbled. Like the punchline of a bad joke your dad keeps telling, Britain is only getting worse. Add this to a woeful record of climate desecration, colonial plunder and neoliberal catastrophe, and you might wonder: what on earth has possessed Raf Simons to […]

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JPMorgan Chase Ends Banking Relationship With YEEZY

Following weeks of controversial news headlines and negative backlash, JPMorgan Chase has now officially ended its banking relationship with YEEZY. In an official statement sent to Ye and his team, the American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company noted a recent discussion with a redacted entity that led to it deciding to end […]


Adam Sandler to reunite with the Safdie Brothers for a new film

The Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems will rightfully go down in cinema history, not least because it was the film that cemented Julia Fox as the One True Muse of the 21st century so far. But it’s hard to imagine that it could have existed at all without Adam Sandler’s Oscar-worthy performance as compulsive gambler Howard […]

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“Midnight Navy” Touches Down On the Air Jordan 11

A relatively quiet year for the Air Jordan 11, 2022 has offered a short list of looks for the sneaker, including a high-top version of 2016’s Air Jordan 11 Low “Cherry.” However, Jordan Brand has more in store for the sneaker world as a new “Midnight Navy” colorway has officially been revealed. Landing in women’s […]

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Nike’s Air Force 1 Mule Returns

Nike first debuted the Nike Air Force 1 mule, formally known as the Nike Air Force 1 Lover XX Premium, in 2018 as part of its “Reimagined” collection — a series created for women fueled by an all-female design collective. As mules have seen a recent surge in popularity, Nike revisits the Lover XX silhouette […]