Primavera São Paulo & Dior takes over Harrods: What’s in fashion?

It’s that time of year again. You will have heard the songs in supermarkets, and noticed the sprinkling of tinsel and fairy lights across window displays — as the evenings draw in, the world is gearing up for holiday season. This week, we bring you the news of Dior’s gargantuan takeover of Harrods, which is enough […]


For Spring/Summer 2023, Dior subverts garments of power

From Jean Paul Gaultier to Alexander McQueen, to Thom Brown to Balenciaga to Yohji Yamamoto, the crinoline has appeared in modern high fashion time and time again. It’s been subverted in every which way: exposed bare-bones, cropped at mid-thigh, slashed with cut-outs, rendered translucent. Also known as the hoop skirt, the Victorian mainstay is a […]